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Kalaalayaa is a dance and entertainment organization, dedicated to teaching dance techniques, music,singing,drawing & painting to students of all ages. Our goal is to encourage our current and future generations to learn, respect and admire the rich culture and art forms of India.
Children of today need proper guidance right from a young age to understand that the music that they listen to or the dance that they wish to perform , has its roots in Indian traditions and customs. Hobbies like drawing, painting all need nurturing right from a young age. This needs to be developed and instilled in the correct manner by professionals in the field.
Realising the need for encouraging children to learn the traditional music, dance and art and in order to help them gain a firm ground on which they can build their musical or dance or artistic career, the founders of Kalaalayaa, decided to provide a platform for children to learn and grow by providing them the facilities and professionals who can train and guide them.
Kalaalayaa started as a private home teaching facility has emerged into an organizati9on and a brand by itself, dedicated fully to develop fine arts…
At Kalaalayaa, our students are willing to do what it takes to make their careers as professional musicians, dancers, performers and artists. So if you are one of the special ones willing to do the artistic work, we are here to help and shape you up to become the professional artist you want to be.